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Put Down the Cell Phone & Stop Texting!

[Sound-Off--Rant & Rave or Editorialize on Any Topic]

If you are annoyed by those who put texting above all else, you might want to read this article!


On the Road to Genoa, Nevada


Once in a great while, while driving from here to there, we happen on a place that makes us stop and reflect on the here and now in terms of what used to be. Genoa, Nevada is one of those places.


Social Networking; Is there a larger purpose?

[Society At Large]

Social sites like Facebook can be more than just a place to tell your friends what you had for dinner. You might be surprised to find Facebook pages that provide important social services to our community that you would never have considered possible just a few years ago.


Laurie's Roasted Cream of Red Bell Pepper Soup

[Kitchen Detail--The Heart of the Home]

This beautiful, light and delicious roasted bell pepper soup is the perfect first course for an elegant dinner party or lady's luncheon. Served hot with a dollop of Swiss cheese, or served chilled on a warm evening, this soup is sure to please even the most avid foodie.


Misconceptions About the Early Childhood Education Program

[The Teacher's Lounge--Where Professional Educators Share Insights & Experiences]

There are many misconceptions when it comes to the Early Childhood Education program. The term "glorified babysitter" has been used, but most people probably have no idea the work and commitment that goes into the process of becoming an early childhood educator. Read on to learn more about the ECE program and the doors it can open not only for you, but for your children as well.


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