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Extraordinary Containers for Ordinary Plants


!!! 5th Place Article Contest Winner !!! Alternative items that can be used for garden pots and containers.


Sink or Swim Gardening


Choosing hardy plants to survive your garden during adverse conditions.


Angels All Around Us


There is an incredible fascination with angels these days. It is apparent everywhere that, for some unknown reason, we are hooked on these mythical winged beauties. Why are we so preoccupied with angels?


Is Gun Control Really the Answer?

[Society At Large]

Is the answer to curbing violence in America really as simple as gun control? This writer doesn't believe that taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens will lead to a safer America.


Facebook Marketing: Is Facebook Marketing Dead Or Just Getting Started?


Facebook is far from being dead. In 2012, Facebook became the most visited website in the world and it shows no signs to have stopped here. Unlike Google, Facebook keeps growing and growing with millions of new profiles every day and this number is rapidly increasing with the number of people from developing countries who are starting to use internet for the first time. The marketing potential is huge, you can sell products and services to these people and make sure they want to buy it. Facebook is so important that big brands have their own Facebook marketing department just to keep people up to date with their latest products. I have a friend that works for a communication company and his only job is to take care of Facebook marketing, such as Facebook updates, events, messages, photos, videos, pages, likes and more.


Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation