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[Flash Fiction- Short Stories of 1000 Words or less]

angelCrazy, they called her. Everyone in the village agreed, Rhea Miller was strange right from the start.

As a young child, she’d ignore the other children, preferring to talk to people only she could see. All children had imaginary friends, everyone knew that, but there was something about the way she did it. It was incessant, no matter where she was she spoke to those invisible people, more than she spoke to the real ones around her.

She wasn’t just pretending, she actually believed she saw them. It stopped as she got older. By the time Rhea was nine, no one saw her talking to imaginary friends. But that was because they barely saw her at all. She completely distanced herself from everyone. Except from school, no one knew where she went.

From a young age, Rhea knew she experienced the world differently from everyone else. She knew they couldn’t see the Angels. The peaceful winged beings who stood among them, watching over them, trying to keep good in the world.

It’d been like that for as long as she could remember. She’d realised quickly what she saw wasn’t normal. She knew that if she told anyone they’d think she was crazy, more than they did already, and who knew what they’d do with her then. When she young and she hadn’t know any better she’d talked openly to the Angels in front of other people. But now she knew she could only speak to them when no one else was around.

Jack was the first one she met. He’d been beside her since she was born. He helped her understand them. Everyone on earth had a Guardian Angel, he said, and he was hers. They’d go to the woods beside the village, away from people and just sit, talking. Sometimes other Angels would join them. They seemed to like being with her too. With them all around her, she didn’t need anyone else to talk to. 

Daniel Macrae had ignored Rhea all his life, just like every other kid in the village. Yet, when he saw her sitting alone in the clearing that day something changed.

He never went to the woods, he usually hung around the park or outside the off-license with his friends. That day though, he’d chosen the woods for that very reason. His mum was on his case, as usual, moaning about how didn’t do enough to help around the house. It was the first day of the summer holidays and already she was driving him crazy. He needed to escape her. He knew she’d never look for him there.

Angel Star Healing Peace Garden Angel

He was deep in the woods when he stumbled across Rhea. She was leaning against a fallen tree in a small clearing. She must have heard him approaching because she looked up. The stared at each other, both surprised to see the other there.

“Umm… hi” he said awkwardly. He’d the strangest feeling that he’d just interrupted something, though there was only Rhea there.

 “Hi,” she answered, looking uncomfortable.

 “What’re you up to?” He asked, not knowing what else to say.

“Nothing, just umm… reading.” She suddenly reached into a bag that was lying beside her and pulled out a book.

“Do you come here a lot?”


“Can I join you?” He didn’t know why he asked her that.

“I suppose. But I’m reading.”

“It’s cool, I’ll just hang.”

They sat in silence, Rhea reading, Daniel playing games on his phone feeling thankful for having escaped his mum. He didn’t try and talk to her again but it was surprisingly nice just sitting there with her.

 At five o’clock, Rhea closed her book.

“I need to get home,” she said.

“Yeah, I probably should too.”

“Bye then,” she got up and started to walk away.

 “Rhea,” Daniel called suddenly and she turned round to face him. “Can I come back here again?”

“I suppose.”

As she sat in clearing with Jack the next day, Rhea wondered whether Daniel really would come back again. She didn’t know why but it’d been nice having him there with her.

 “Don’t worry, he’ll come.” Jack said, as usual knowing her thoughts.

 “Why would I worry? I don't care whether he comes or not”

 “OK,” Jack nodded in mock seriousness, the way he always did when he making fun of her.

 “Stop it Jack. I honestly couldn’t care less. That guy’s never spoken a word to me before...”

 “Hi Rhea,” She almost jumped. He had come. Oh no, had he heard her talking? He must have. He was going to think she was crazy.

 “Can I sit?”

 “Yeah, sure.”

 “How's it going?” she asked once he’d got himself comfortable against the fallen tree.

 “Alright. I managed to escape my mum again.”

 “Is that why you were here yesterday, to hide from your mum?”

 “Yeah. I needed to get away from her moaning at me about doing housework and stuff.”

 “Mine’s exactly the same...” Rhea told him and, before she knew it, the two of them were sharing stories about their mums, complaining and laughing together. Then, somehow, they ended up talking about other things.

 She noticed Jack move away to leave her and Daniel alone. There were a couple of others in the woods, including Daniel’s Guardian, and Jack went over to join them.

Hours passed and her and Daniel were still talking. Rhea couldn’t believe how much they had in common. She’d never realised how easy, and how nice, it was to talk to someone who wasn’t an Angel.

Daniel returned to the woods every day that followed. They became closer the more they talked, their friendship growing with. Rhea knew that somehow he started to sense the angels, though he couldn’t see them as she could.

 She’d expected it when he asked her some weeks later, “Who are they?”.

 “They’re angels” she answered, not afraid to tell him.

 And she knew that, somehow, he believed her.

Woodcarve Angel Statue


Photo Courtesy of anslatadams on Flickr

I love this! I really believe that children see angels sometimes; those who are tuned in to them. I'm such an angel person; I have a HUGE collection. Don't you think it's interesting that so many people are into angels these days? On Pinterest, Angels are always on boards; everyone seems to have an angel board! Hummm... Good story!
Sep 30, 2012