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Creating an Angel Memory Garden


You never really know how you'll react to losing someone you love until it happens.  

When my daughter passed away in 2007, I went through so many grieving phases that it would be cumbersome to name them all here.

One of the things that I did do was begin collecting angels.  I'm not sure why, but angels were somehow a comfort to me. Angels are a constant reminder that somewhere, my daughter lives on in a world filled with lovely, spiritual beings, surrounded by angels.

The Memory or "Angel Garden" on My Deck

I had soon collected so many angels, they sat on shelves in the living room and bedroom, greeted guests as they came to my front door, and spilled out into the entryway porch and lined the deck, as well!  I'm sure friends and family thought I'd lost my mind at the time, but when you've lost a child, acting a bit "over the top" comes with the territory.


There came a time when I decided that my angel-army needed some organization so I set about creating a dedicated space for them on our deck.  That way, I could sit each sunny morning with my coffee and computer, greeted by a colorful display of blooming plants as I work. 

I filled a flower box with colorful annuals, placed the angels on the deck railing and on the deck between the larger, potted plants, and even inside some of the biggest plants.

A wicker couch and chairs sit opposite the plants and angels so that I can work comfortably in the space. 

The result is a soothing place to relax and write, and the angel garden has become my favorite spot in the garden outside our home. 

Angel Peeking Out Among the Plants on the Front Porch 

Some of the angels collect solar energy during the day and light up to greet me when I step out onto the deck after dark!

(I know; designers everywhere will CRINGE; really--angels that light up...cheesey!  But I don't care, I like them and I love the affect and it's my house-- so if 9 out of 10 designers don't come here to do a story or a photo shoot, that's okay with me...)

It is amazing to me that, of all of the things I have tried to do to make the memory of my daughter stay alive, the angel garden is a lovely tribute to my little girl.  The angels bring a sort of peace and hope about when I sit among them, and the colorful flowers never fail to cheer me up; even on a cloudy day.

Where to Find Garden Angels:

I had the best luck finding angels on Ebay.  Many vendors sell them on Ebay, with or without shipping cost.  You can compare cost and prices, often for the same angel.  Tip:  Be sure to read how big the angel actually is by reading the measurments carefully.  Often objects look larger in photos.

I shop often on Amazon, as well; here is where you can find the latest garden angels on Amazon.

This article is dedicated to the many, wonderful friends I have met in our Facebook grief groups.  If you, or someone you know, needs support and comfort after losing a child, these groups, filled with loving, kind souls, are there for you:

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Bereaved Parents



There is something so special about angels. I'm amazed as I surf the web, that so many people are into angels.
Aug 13, 2012