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William Martin
Location: Roseburg, OR, USA

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About me

A versatile writer creating from the heart and the mind. Visit my website: www.authorwilliammartin


Hi. I've earned degrees in English/Language Arts and Education. My background includes teaching reading and writing, literature analysis, arts and culture, vocational education and a variety of other things. My first short story was publicly published as a junior in high school --more years ago than I'd care to admit.

I'm committed to building my writing career and connecting with those in the writing field. I am happy to provide examples of my articles, short stories and poetry. Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss anything about writing.


Master of Education University of Portland 2006 Bachelor of English/Language Arts Eastern Oregon University (graduated summa cum laude) 2002

Additional Info

Be sure to check out my website at: and my Facebook page (link at the website). Thanks!